If you are new to online gambling and want to try out a new, exciting and potentially lucrative leisure pursuit, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that some online casinos actually give away cash. Well, it’s not quite as simple as that, but some online casinos do provide a free welcome bonus no deposit required casino Malaysia. You can use the bonus in whatever form it comes in (more about this below) as long as you register with that particular casino.

Normally a free welcome bonus is a one-off gesture but who knows? You only have to make one big win, right! O.K. so you are unlikely to become a millionaire by using an online casino’s free welcome bonus no deposit required casino malaysia but it is a chance to have a flutter using someone else’s cash quite legitimately. If you happen to lose it all, you don’t actually lose a cent of your own money.

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How does the free welcome bonus no deposit required casino Malaysia actually work?

There is no set pattern to the free welcome bonus on offer at the various online casinos these days. They are designed to attract you to their particular casino. One thing they all have in common is that you can’t just roll up and register with an online casino offering a free welcome bonus and then go and spend it somewhere else or take the ‘cash’ to a restaurant and have a meal instead!
Some online casinos give out a bonus in the form of a voucher. The voucher has a code on it and can be redeemed on the online casino website against a casino game. You may or may not have much choice over the game you can spend the cash on the voucher. As the name of the bonus suggests the online casino will not ask you to deposit any money in the account you register with them, but you do have to give some personal details away before you can claim your bonus.
In some deals, the welcome bonus is not in the form of cash as such, but may come in the shape of ‘free spins’ (e.g. of the roulette wheel) or free tries at a particular game.
The welcome bonus may not be huge but it’s worth having a look at what is on offer at these casinos before you sign yourself up. Usually, the online casino puts a limit on what you can or cannot do with the bonus and that usually tends to mean that really big winning games are off limits unless you put some of your own money on the table.
The free welcome bonus no deposit required casino malaysia is a great way of getting to know how different online casinos work and which suit you when you mean to have a serious go at gambling online. No online casino restricts who registers with them, so in theory you could try a dozen online casinos each of which is offering some kind of free welcome bonus no deposit required casino malayisa. In the end you will find the casino which you like and in which you can feel confident that you have a good chance of evening the odds and maybe someday pulling off the big one!