A brick and mortar casino can start working as a real online casino with the help of technology. Just like cameras are used for giving live telecast of sporting events, the casino can use CCTVs to give live coverage of its gambling tables to its online members. But providing live gambling facility won’t be an easy affair for the facility owner.

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Live gambling

Players see all the gambling tables on their computer screens and they can choose games by switching the cameras. Every table at the facility would have a dedicated CCTV and all the CCTVs would be connected to the website. Today CCTVs come with Internet connectivity options. The players can choose their tables and start communicating with the dealers of the tables.

Complications with live gambling

It is a huge investment that only big casinos could make. An experienced IT team is needed to run the show and also the entire facility has to be equipped with advance CCTV cameras to give live telecast of the casino tables. The dealers would also need some training in IT so that they can handle online customers just like they treat the physical gamblers. The only good thing about live gambling is that it is one-time investment.

How real casino online Malaysia performs depends on technology used for providing live gambling service. The online gamblers should get uninterrupted connectivity to the facility as disconnection could create suspicion in the minds of players. Also the players would compare live gambling with website gaming. Gambling websites offer bonus that is free money and also they offer more games in comparison to a real casino.

Limited games

A brick and mortar facility can’t accommodate more games hence it can provide limited gaming opportunities. On the contrary, a website can accommodate as many games as it needed. Also the site can be expanded to include more games. But website lacks reality. There is no dealer to take care of the gamblers but what is more discouraging is that websites use software for gambling.

Does a live casino need marketing its services?

Considering the level of competition in the online casino industry, it is mandatory for every casino whether it is a gambling website or a live facility to use marketing techniques to make players. Here the most important thing is that the targeted customers have little knowledge on gambling and some customers are more concerned about budget than the gambling experience.

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