Roulette is an intriguing number game played with a wheel and an ivory ball. The wheel has numbers from 0 to 36 and the same numbers are printed on the table. Bets are placed on table but winners are decided by the wheel.

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Design of the wheel

It has 37 pockets to house numbers 0 to 36 numbers but the numbers are printed in random manner like the zero has 32 on right and 26 on left. Random numbering makes the game exciting and more thrilling. The croupier spins the wheel and tosses the ivory ball in the spinning wheel. The ball jumps from one pocket to another before landing on a pocket. The number the ball sits on is declared winner.

Placing bet on roulette numbers

Bets are placed on numbers but there are different ways of betting on numbers. The numbers are divided into different categories according to their colors, odd/even and position like inside and outside. Also the players are allowed to bet on multiple numbers. Gamblers put their stakes on numbers spread on table. The croupier takes care of the bets and distributes winnings among winners.

Playing roulette live on the web

Live roulette Malaysia is as thrilling as gambling in a real casino is. You stay in the comfort of your home but you are able to gamble in a real facility. You aim your cursor to the roulette table and get a close view of the game. The croupier at the table can see you on his computer screen. He greets you and allows you to enter into the game. You can easily see the numbers on table and choose your lucky number by making secret calculation on your computer.

Online gambling technology

Live casinos use high-end cameras to telecast roulette game live from their facilities. Gamblers see the games on their home computers and bet from the comfort of their homes. They have an advantage that is they can easily make secret calculations that aren’t allowed in casinos. If needed, you can even use software that could guess on which pocket the ball will land.

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Ivory ball is tossed to the spinning wheel at a specific angle. It is so tossed that it jumps many times before sitting on one of the pockets. Experienced players claim they can anticipate correct number after seeing the ball tossing on the spinning wheel. But it is considered cheating in casino.

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