How to play online roulette in a live casino?

Roulette is a 17th century game but it is still popular in casinos worldwide. It is a table game with a wheel, an ivory ball and numbers. Wheel numbers are spread on table for gambling. The wheel of luck is spun and the ivory ball is tossed on the spinning wheel. Gamblers bet on 36 numbers of the wheel and the game is to anticipate the number where the ball sits.

Before you play roulette, you need understanding the rules of betting. Gamblers can choose any of the numbers from 1-36 or they can split their bets into two and three. Also you can choose even and odd numbers. This exciting game also offers more options like black and red. Also the bets can be divided into inside and outside where outside bets have high payouts.

One won’t take much time in understanding the game, bets and the payouts. Also you don’t need going to a traditional casino for playing roulette. There are online casinos where you can play live roulette Malaysia. You will play online but the bets will be real.You will enter into a Real Casino through your computer and enjoy the wheel game. The online casino will have a dealer to spin the wheel and toss the ivory ball in the wheel.

play online roulette

Online casino has an advantage that is free money and you have the opportunity to get Malaysia online casino no deposit bonus that is free money without any monetary commitment. Usually online casinos give bonus on account deposit where the gamblers are asked to deposit an amount and they are promised a certain percentage of that amount as bonus. But some casinos offer no deposit bonus that is money without any account deposit.

The bonus money comes with a condition that is if you win with bonus amount and want to withdraw your winnings then you will have to meet a wagering requirement set by the casino. The requirement could be like spending a certain amount on the games or playing for a certain number of hours. The wagering requirement could be user friendly or difficult depending on needs of customer care policies of the casino.

The only precaution you need taking with bonus is the wagering requirement. Sign up for the bonus that you can easily retrieve in winnings. Other than wagering requirement, you should go check the online reputation of the casino you are considering joining.