Should online casinos offer bonus?

Online casinos offer bonus. It is free money for gamblers and the money is credited to gambling accounts at the time of account opening. It is called welcome bonus as it is provided with opening of account. And this amount could be in thousands. People often amaze why websites give bonus.

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Free money Gambling is a recreational activity that people of all ages enjoy. It is entertaining and financial beneficial as well. People want to play casino games for fun and entertainment. Gambling facilities shouldn’t need giving attractive offers like free money to make members. But gambling sites offer free money to attract gaming enthusiasts.

Bonus offer is to attract gamblers. Some people want to enjoy casino games but they are afraid of losing their savings in gambling. These people consider bonus as the biggest factor in determining reliability of casinos. They open their gambling accounts to take advantage of free money. But those that understand the process of giving free money take care when signing with online casinos.

Bonus isn’t free money

There is nothing available for free. Bonus is provided for free but it is only for playing. If you want to withdraw your winnings from bonus, you will be asked to fulfill wagering requirements. Online casino Malaysia welcome bonus no deposit comes with wagering requirements determined by casinos. You could be asked to play for a certain number of hours or to invest a certain amount before withdrawing your winnings with bonus.

Casinos have wagering requirements as they want to earn profit on bonus. As said earlier, nothing is available for free; casinos also want to get return on bonus. They ask gamblers to fulfill certain conditions before gamblers are allowed to withdraw their winnings with bonus.

How bonus amount is determined?

How much bonus a casino gives depends on certain factors like the profit it makes; its marketing budget and its profit target. The bonus could be in hundreds or thousands depending on size of a casino. In business language, it is called profit sharing. Casinos share their profit with their members in order to look customer oriented. They want to look customer friendly by offering bonus.

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What gamblers should look into bonus amount?

If you are looking for highest bonus then you should look at wagering requirements instead of calculating and comparing the bonus amount offered by different casinos. Your objective with getting highest bonus should be to take advantage of free money.