Technology has changed the face and functionality of casinos. The online clubs work like their traditional counterparts with the help of technology that has been evolving with each passing day. Clubs use CCTV cameras for direct telecast of their games and they allow online players to enjoy live gambling through webcams.


A dealer moves chips at a roulette table during the first day of table games at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course in East Hanover Township, Pa. Tuesday, July 13, 2010. (AP Photo/The Patriot-News, Dan Gleiter)

How are online clubs different from real casinos?

An online club is a platform for gambling in real. You play on the web but in reality you’re in the club. You see live view of the gaming facility on your computer screen. The CCTVs in the club give direct telecast of the games. Also you can choose the view and also talk to dealers. You will be in your home but you will play in the club. For a club, it is like opening a window on theweb and it is an expensive affair.

How much investment is needed for opening a live club?

Technology is changing fast and so is investment. But it is difficult to calculate how much money a club needs to work live on the web as everything depends on needs. A live casino Malaysia needs advance digital cameras that can be connected to Internet for direct telecast. Also there should be a strong team of seasoned IT professionals that can provide reliable technical support to keep the system working.

How many games could a live casino offer?

Here it is necessary to mention that web gambling is only a facility as the players gamble in the casino. What you see on your computer screen is direct telecast of the facility and you are allowed to choose the games available in the facility. Or it will be much better to say that a club offers limited number of games to its online members.

Why real online gambling facilities are popular?

Online gambling is more popular than other web based games despite limitations because it is real. Players experience the thrill and suspense they get in a real casino. This real feel is much bigger than enjoyment of computer games. For instance take roulette table. Seeing the wheel spinning and the ball jumping from one pocket to another before finally settling on a pocket could increase your heartbeats.

Needs to Control Online Casino poker

If you know how gambling sites work, you will understand why live gambling is popular. Gambling websites use software for gaming. The software gives accurate results but it fails to give real experience.

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